Meet our team of highly trained professionals

From setting up appointments to initial patient care, Northwest OB/GYN would not be able to operate without our very talented staff. Take the time to meet them below!

Surekha handles the management of operations for Northwest OB/GYN. She has been an integral part of the practice for over 20 years and assumed the managerial position in 2008.
Surekha enjoys spending time with her family including her two sons and also enjoys playing golf, tennis, and yoga
Medical Assistant
Ashley has been a Medical Assistant at Northwest OB/GYN Inc. for over 4 years. Her duties include scheduling patient office visits and hospital appointments, checking patients in when they arrive for appointments as well as checking them out after their visit, coordinating patient care with other specialists, and managing the practice’s digital footprint.
Medical Assistant
Christina is our Medical Assistant at Northwest OB/GYN Inc. Her duties include helping Dr. Sanghvi with history taking, physical examination, and office procedures. She enjoys caring for patients and bringing the highest quality service to them.
Front Desk Administration
Kathee has been working at Northwest OB/GYN Inc. for over 3 years. Many administrative responsibilities including secretarial duties, scheduling, billing, patient interfacing, and generally assists with all aspects of our office operations.