Where We Practice

Dr. Sanghvi primarily practices at the Northwest OB-GYN, Inc. office located at 6310 North Main Street in Dayton.

Please visit our Contact Us page for directions to visit our office.

Certain procedures and services are also performed at the following Greater Dayton area hospitals:

Miami Valley Hospital

Miami Valley Hospital is located at 1 Wyoming Street, Dayton, OH 45409

It is located slightly south of downtown and slightly north of the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.

Miami Valley North Surgery Center

Miami Valley North Surgery Center is located at 9000 North Main Street, Dayton, OH

It is located at the very north end of Main street, bordering Englewood and Dayton.

Kettering Medical Center

Kettering Medical Center is located at 3535 Southern Boulevard, Dayton, OH 45429

It is located between Stroop Rd and Dorothy Ln.